Immerse yourself in nature

Imagine yourself immersed completely in naturally fresh water, feeling the softness on your skin, effortlessly swimming like in a river or lake, enjoying the thrill of pure nature.

Now hold that thought, that feeling, that pleasure and imagine yourself having this experience in your own garden – in fact even in your own swimming pool.

Natural Pools NZ can bring you this experience by offering a range of pools from an organic looking natural pool to a standard looking swimming pool and even through to a Hollywood style lap pool.

In keeping with the precious nature of water, our pools require absolutely no chlorine or other toxic chemicals and offer the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in crystal clear natural water. The water in natural swimming pools does not have to be continuously chemically treated and regularly replaced like that in conventional pools. As in a natural lake or river the pool is naturally self-regulating, keeping itself clean.

We at Natural Pools NZ can provide you two different types of chemical free pools – the original Natural Pool and the Living Pool.

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"I spent a whole year researching swimming pools: concrete, fibreglass shell, fibre glass liner, vinyl liner, chlorine, UV, ozone, salt, magnesium etc. but it wasn’t until I came across the Natural Pool Company that it all started to make sense.
Alex and Hans built a pool that is a piece of art made specifically for its location, not a product punched out to meet a quota. They were also a pleasure to work with. The finished pool is simply everything I wanted it to be.

No one has swum in my pool without remarking on the sweet clear beauty of the water. There is no water maintenance to do. It just looks after itself.
But be warned, once you have one of these pools, you’ll never again enjoy the pools in luxury hotels or resorts because they simply won’t be as good as your own.”
Living Pool Owner –  Motueka